The Origins of 710

What is 710?

Not sure what 710 is? Many people aren’t! In the cannabis community and beyond, 420 is known as THE cannabis holiday. In the last few years though, another day of cannabis celebration has emerged to highlight the growing popularity of cannabis concentrates. We love any celebration of this plant in any form that brings us together in collective healing and joy!

Where did 710 come from?

The origins of 710 are somewhat shrouded in mystery. One origin of the association of OIL and 710 comes simply from the use of old oil caps on cars. OIL flipped upside down becomes 710! Around 2011, the association of 710 with cannabis concentrates, extracts and oils arose, starting specifically in reference to hash oil. With this, July 10th became a niche holiday more specifically dedicated to the celebration of cannabis oils and dabbing. In July of 2013, LA Weekly ran a short article “710 is the New 420” bringing 710 into the mainstream. In 2015, The Errl Cup started as one of Arizona’s first cannabis celebrations. With increased online connection, 710 has become a cultural symbol within the cannabis and concentrates community.

710 Symbolism

This number signifies not only the consumption and celebration of cannabis but in a specific and preferred way for concentrate connoisseurs. 

While “420 Friendly” generally means “weed-friendly,” something that is “710 Friendly” signals a specific welcome to the concentrate community within cannabis culture. 710 may also reference a space of heavier cannabis consumption – this may be good to know for cannabis newbies since dabbing and other concentrate consumption is not always considered the best option for those trying cannabis for the first time. “710 friendly” may also mean these spaces are smoke-free which can be appealing for many folks! (vaping and some forms of dabbing produce vapor rather than smoke produced through combustion)

With ongoing legalization action happening across the country, we hope to see the misunderstandings and stigmas associated with concentrates (and all cannabis) begin to fade away. As cannabis concentrates become increasingly popular, watch out for 710 to become as big of a celebration as 420! 

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