710 at The Prime Leaf

What is 710?

While 420 is universally known as THE cannabis holiday, 710 is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the cannabis loving community. Gaining recognition around 2011, July 10th is dedicated more specifically to celebrating cannabis concentrates and oils – flip 710 upside down and you’ll see it spells out OIL! With ongoing legalization action happening across the country, we hope to see the misunderstandings and stigmas associated with concentrates (and all cannabis) begin to fade away.

As cannabis concentrates become increasingly popular, watch out for 7/10 to become as big of a celebration as 4/20! And this year we are taking this industry holiday and turning it into our own summer celebration – Weedstock at The Prime Leaf!! 

Weedstock 710 Specials!

Grab & Dab Scavenger Hunt!

The “Grab & Dab” Scavenger Hunt, 710 edition is almost here! Our 420 Scavenger Hunt was a blast and we got a lot of great feedback about how to make it even better. So get ready for more jars, more locations, and more prizes to win!

Join the Hunt!

This time around we are adding even more jars to the Scavenger Hunt to increase your chances to win. Plus, we have partnered with 13 local businesses who will serve as some of the hiding spots who may even throw something extra in the jar. The rest of the jars will be hidden out in nature!

Scavenger Hunt Rules

  • You must have an Instagram account to participate. Follow @azprimeleaf to see the riddles! 
  • The Scavenger Hunt riddles will be posted to our Instagram Story throughout the day ON Saturday, July 10th. All riddles will be posted between 9:00am – 2:00 pm.
  • Limit of ONE jar per person. Once you’ve found a jar, please leave the rest for others to find.
  • When you find a jar:
    • take a photo of the jar wherever it is found;
    • post it to your Instagram story;
    • tag @azprimeleaf and if you find it at a business, tag the business as well!
  • Bring in your golden ticket to The Prime Leaf on Park between Saturday 7/10 – Tuesday 7/20 to redeem your prize!! (1525 N. Park Ave.)

Stay tuned for more info on the Scavenger Hunt!
After the scavenger hunt, we’ll update this blog with info on each business who participated. Best of luck to you all and have fun!!