Solar Powered

Technicians for Sustainability

The Prime Leaf has partnered with Technicians for Sustainability to become the first solar powered dispensary in Tucson. Founded in 2003, Technicians for Sustainability (TFS) are a worker-owned cooperative built around the mission of delivering high-quality solar energy systems to southern Arizona. With over 35 MW of solar installed and commercial projects ranging from 6kW to 1.5MW, including dozens of projects in the 30 – 150kW range, TFS is well versed in small commercial system installation and design in the Tucson and Pima County region.

Why go Solar?

The Prime Leaf chose to go solar to shift to a sustainable power source that benefits the environment and the community. 

Each kilowatt of rooftop solar installed can:

  • Prevent about 145lbs of of coal from being mined and burned
  • Save over 70 gallons of water from being used
  • Prevent about 325 lbs of CO2 emissions
  • Reduce sulfur and nitrogen emissions, which contribute to smog and acid rain

TFS Report on Solar Benefits

According to TFS, The Prime Leaf’s move to go solar at 40kW will annually offset 152,000lbs of CO2 and save 36,000 gallons of water that would otherwise be consumed in the generation of fossil fuel energy. Additonal benefits of The Prime Leaf going solar include:

  • Coverage of ~85% of the entire electric bill including fixed fees while offsetting over 100% of energy usage with solar power. 
  • Estimated savings in the first year of this system are around $9,500 with an estimated payback in 4.4 years. 
  • Production of around 71,829 kWh of clean, local energy in the first year of usage.

Additionally, for every 1 solar kWh that is produced, 1/2 gallon of water is not used for other energy production. Considering our arid region, solar is a great way to help save water! 

Going solar is a significant step that individuals and commercial businesses, including dispensaries can take to help tackle climate change and encourage sustainable, clean energy in our local community.

Learn more about Technicians for Sustainability at More information on the commercial work being done at TFS can be found here: