Welcome, Local Flower!

Who is Local Flower?

Local Flower is a female-owned and family-operated cultivation located in Scottsdale, AZ. The main goal is to make clean, quality cannabis that tests high and tastes good. Local Flower was started by the creators that brought you Local Joint.

What makes Local Flower Stand Out?

The trichome-obsessed mad scientists at Local Flower are bringing their passion for quality cannabis products to patients all over Arizona. All of our strains go through a rigorous testing process, first with our growers and then we have it sent to an independent third-party testing facility. Local Flower’s state-of-the-art facility is 7,500 sq ft and will continue to grow in 2022 (and beyond). As the facility grows, so does our goal of being environmentally friendly.

Each Local Flower strain is picked, grown, and harvested for a specific product; flower or rosin. Every ingredient is naturally or organically sourced, and chemicals don’t touch the plants. We use a blend of essentials and natural products to help our plants flourish during the cultivation process.

Local Products


Our flower is currently sitting in 7,500 sq ft and grown under High Pressure Sodium Light. But, come November 2022, the size will be doubled, and we will be transitioning to FOSHE (Future of Horticultural Science + Engineering) LED Lights and adding a water reclamation system. This switch will allow the grow to be more environmentally friendly.


It’s love at first flight with the only flight pack on the market. Each pack comes with 5, 0.5g prerolls in various (and delicious) Local Flower strains. Our doob tubes are 100% recyclable.

Solventless Rosin

Local Solventless sources high terpene strains for hash rosin. Don’t let the THC percentage fool you, you can feel, taste, and smell every bit of each rosin strain.

Cold Cure Process

We harvest and trim fresh buds and immediately place them in a cooler lined with dry ice, this makes the fresh frozen products. The buds get put into a deep freezer until Wash Day. During Wash Day, our hash makers wash the frozen bud in tanks lined with mesh bags. These act as a sieve and catch all of the frozen trichomes that snap off during the wash process. Once all of the fresh frozen product has been washed, our hash makers pour the sifted material on a sheet pan with parchment paper and place it in a freeze dryer for up to 48 hours. This removes any moisture. After 48 hours, the dried, sifted material is scooped into a rosin filter bag and transferred onto the Pure Pressure Press. When heat and pressure are applied to the material, the hash makers can extract a honey-like fresh press.

Temple Ball Hash

Hash is one of the oldest methods of consuming cannabis, and we’re bringing it back for patients throughout Arizona. Hash comes from trichomes, the ripe, resinous gland head that covers the cannabis plant.

Hash Process

Similarly to rosin, we start with cold cure material that is dried out until it’s ready to be pressed. The pressed material has a Play Doh like consistency and a beautiful golden brown color. Our hash makers roll the gooey material between their hands to make our beautiful 2 gram hash balls.

Smoke It
  • Do NOT dab it.
  • Place on top of a joint or on top of a bowl of flower
  • In a bowl (use a screen) and a high temperature lighter
  • A little goes a long way
  • Use your fingers or a clean, flat, metal tool to break off a small piece

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