From Illegal to Essential

To Our Community, With Love

This is our most special 4/20 yet! In 2020, Arizona cannabis went from illegal to essential. Through the hard work of activists, advocates, patients and proponents, Arizona passed Prop 207, the voter initiative legalizing adult-use sales, possession and cultivation. 

In a time of widespread pandemic lockdowns and shutdowns, the country treated dispensaries and their suppliers as essential businesses. We’re proud to have been able to safely continue serving the Arizona medical marijuana community throughout the pandemic. We applaud all of the essential workers and cannabis industry employees, especially our own, who risked their health to continue taking care of our community with a smile under their masks. This 4/20 we celebrate their efforts!

In 2020 our country acknowledged what we’ve long known to be true – that cannabis is a safe and effective medicine, an economic driver and a bridge between communities. In recent decades we’ve seen so much progress in ending prohibition and reducing the stigma around cannabis, yet we still have a long way to go. 

As an industry and a global community we must work to reverse the harms of the discriminatory War on Drugs. We must reckon with how prohibition and policing disproportionately impact and inflict trauma on Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian and all communities of color and those living in poverty. We need to fight for equality through much needed social, economic and criminal justice reform. 

We’re taking steps to hold ourselves accountable for that progress

  • by supporting groups like the Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund and Last Prisoner Project;
  • by working to organize cannabis record expungement clinics and services here in Arizona and ensuring that Prop 207’s Justice Reinvestment Fund is administered as it was intended;
  • by providing living wages and robust benefits to all employees;
  • by hiring a local woman-owned training company – HI Culture – to train our staff on Trauma Informed Care, inclusion and cannabis justice;
  • by committing employee hours to participate with and amplify the voices of those fighting for change.

We invite our community to join us in supporting these vital organizations and thank those who already have.

This 4/20 we celebrate our roots in the medical community. We wouldn’t be here without the medical patients we’ve had the honor of serving and learning from over 8+ years. Looking ahead, we welcome our new adult-use patrons to the physical, spiritual and social healing properties of this powerful plant. We truly believe it has the potential to heal not only individuals, but also our world. Thank you for helping us celebrate cannabis’s transition from illegal to essential and for joining us on the long road to freedom and justice. Happy 4/20!