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Goldsmith Extracts

Goldsmith Extracts is a small grassroots business out of Flagstaff, AZ that started about 7 years ago as a care-giving collective with a patient-oriented focus. That mission is still going strong today. Community involvement, support and education is a top priority for everyone at Goldsmith.  

Goldsmith Extracts offers award-winning, potent extracts made with extra care to ensure the cleanest and most flavorful product. Goldsmith entered their products in the second year of the “Errl Cup” and swept the entire concentrate category. With that victory in mind, they decided to make their products more widely available across Arizona. 3 years ago, Goldsmith partnered with Greenhouse of Flagstaff, and the rest was history – Goldsmith has been state licensed and selling products throughout Arizona ever since.

About the Extracts

With the motto of “fire in, fire out” in mind, Goldsmith acquires the highest quality flower from all around Arizona for their extracts – including Grown4 and Grow Sciences! Goldsmith extracts are made through a closed loop extraction process. The distillate cartridges and syringes are made using CRC, which strips the cannabis of all lipids and fats, resulting in an ultra refined oil. However, Goldsmith live products are not made with CRC. Testing is a top priority for Goldsmith to be sure the medicine you get has the most THC for the best prices. 

Goldsmith Extracts are made with organic terpenes to maintain full terpene profiles. One of Goldsmith’s most well known products is their distillate syringe. These syringes come in a medical grade plastic syringe with fully activated distillate oil so you can add it to your flower, use it to make edibles or take it straight from the syringe.

Along with their well-known distillate syringes and cartridges, Goldsmith offers cured resin and live resin products that range in consistency from Applesauce, Sugar and Sauce, to Badder, Diamonds and Crumble. Their Diamonds and Sauces are always live resin and made with exclusive strains. You can also find .5g pre-charged Cured Resin Pods and Live Resin Pods. 

Aside from the distillate syringes and cartridges, which use organic botanically derived terpenes, all Goldsmith products are 100% cannabis derived and nothing is ever fractioned off or added back in. This is to ensure that the patient is getting the medicine they desire, nothing more and nothing less. 

Why choose Goldsmith Extracts?

Besides offering exclusive concentrates & collaborations with different farms, Goldsmiths strives to have the highest standards when it comes to testing. They believe all medicine should be made to be as healthy as possible for all patients. That’s why they go to great lengths to refine their products, surpassing what is acceptable, and make sure everything they put out reaches their own high standards. The Goldsmith team are also patients, so they know how important it is to offer pure and organic cannabis products for patients. Watch out for even more options from Goldsmiths as they expand their product line!

Check out our YouTube page for an exclusive Goldsmith Video Highlight! And find Goldsmith dabs and distillate syringes exclusively in at The Prime Leaf in Tucson today!