Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I get my Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Card?

Click here to learn how to apply for your MMJ Card.


I am waiting for my digital card to arrive. Can I shop in the meantime?

Not yet. Arizona rules and regulations require that a patient’s MMJ card is verified in person by a dispensary agent before any medicine can be provided.

My MMJ Card is lost or stolen. What do I do?

The Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) will issue you a replacement card for a $10 fee. Click here to report your card as lost or stolen and apply for a replacement. 

Can I buy non-medicated or CBD-only products without an MMJ card?

Not at The Prime Leaf. A dispensary cannot service any non-patient by the current laws and statutes for dispensaries in the state of Arizona.  

Is the dispensary pet-friendly?

The Prime Leaf is a pet-friendly establishment. We welcome all leashed and domesticated pets. Please be mindful of any patients with service animals, and respect their space. We may ask you to remove your animal from the premises if their presence causes disruptions or any issues for other patients. 

How do I use medical marijuana?

The experience of using marijuana medically comes with a learning curve, no matter your age, medical condition, or previous knowledge of cannabis. It is a relatively new and constantly evolving field, and some element of trial and error is to be expected. For detailed information about effects of medical marijuana, modes of administration, and necessary precautions, read our educational material or visit one of our locations to speak with a Patient Consultant. For specific inquiries about any of our products and how to use them, contact us.

How much medical cannabis can I buy? How does my allotment work?

As a medical marijuana patient in the state of Arizona, you are allotted 70 grams (2.5 ounces) per 14 day period, averaging 5 grams per day. If a patient buys 10 grams on the 1st of the month, they have 60 grams remaining for purchase until the 14th of that month, when that 10 grams returns to their allotment. 

How do I check my allotment?

Medical patients can check their allotment via their AZDHS Individual Licensing Portal at any time.

Can I combine two different discounts?

Loyalty points and other credits may be used at any time. Additional discounts may not be combined or “stacked” unless otherwise specified. We will always apply the largest discount available to you.

How do loyalty points work?

At The Prime Leaf, you collect loyalty points every time you shop. You earn one point for every dollar you spend! Veteran and ADA patients earn 1.5x points on all orders. 250 points earn you a $10 credit, and 500 points can be redeemed for a $25 credit. Your receipt will show your points balance. Rewards can be redeemed once per day at either of our two convenient locations.

Can I place an order for delivery?

The Prime Leaf currently does not have a delivery service but patients already in our records can call in an order for same-day pickup at (520) 44-PRIME (520-447-7463).

Do you offer online ordering?

The Prime Leaf currently cannot accept online orders. Patients already in our records can call in an order for same-day pickup at (520) 44-PRIME (520-447-7463).

Are you hiring? How do I apply?

We are always excited to meet potential new team members! If you’d like to join The Prime Leaf team, please submit your application and complete our pre-employment assessment here. You’re always welcome to drop off a hard copy of your resume and cover letter at our dispensary.