Which Cannabis Strain is Right for Me?

There are a lot of cannabis strains out there and figuring out there and figuring out which one works for you can be overwhelming! As the cannabis industry exands, growers are crossing multiple strains to create new and innovative strain blends. So, where do we start to discover our perfect strain? 

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What is a Cannabis Strain?

As the cannabis plant spread throughout the world and acclimated to new environments, the physical and chemical characteristics began to change creating “landrace strains.” These are original strains that were enjoyed up until the 1970s when people bagan intentionally breeding strains together. The continuous cross-breeding of different male and female plants resulted in the now expansive variety of “strains” we see today.

Cannabis strains’ unique profiles are determined by cannabinoid content, terpene content, and environmental variables. Think of strains like apple varieties – Fuji, Gala, Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, etc – they are all apples but just different varieties! 

Where to start?

One of the first steps to understand what strains work for your unique preferences is knowing the difference between Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa and what effect you are looking for. While the effects are what we think of when discussing these three categories, these classifications are determined more so by plant structure and physical characteristics. But we’ll save those details for another blog post. For now, we’ll keep it simple!

Indica: Relaxing and calming effects, body high, recommended for nighttime use
Sativa: Energetic and uplifting effects, head high, can be more hallucinogenic, common for daytime use
Hybrid: Cross between Indica and Sativa strains can provide effects of both – this will vary depending on strains and indica or sativa dominate in the strain. Most strains today are some level of hybrid

Next, explore your preferences on:

Flavor and aroma profiles: this is where those tasty terpenes come in! This is an entirely unique preference – try different strains to see what you like!
Potency: The higher the THC percentage or (mg) dosage, the more intense your high will likely be. As with most aspects of cannabis, the effects of potency will vary based on your unique body composition.
Medical benefits: different strains can provide more focusedd effects such as pain relief, stress or anxiety relief, uplifting energy, appetite suppression or stimulation, etc. Let our budtenders know what medical benefits you are looking for!

Remember, your individual body and unique chemical composition will determine how you experience each of these effects. Talk to your budtender to decide what might work for you. The options are nearly endless – the right strain for you is out there!

Examples of Popular Strains

Green Crack

Average THC Content: 13-25%


Common effects: energetic, happy, uplifted

Helps with: stress, depression, fatigue, pain

Flavors: skunky, citrus, mango

Blue Dream

Average THC Content 15-20%


Common effects: relaxed, happy, uplifted

Helps with: stress, pain, insomnia, depression

Flavors: berry, earthy

OG Kush

Average THC Content: 20-26%


Common effects: relaxed, happy, giggly

Helps with: stress, depression, anxiety, pain

Flavors: strawberry, earthy, lemon

Northern Lights

Average THC Content 15-20%


Common effects: relaxed, happy, sleepy

Helps with: stress, pain, insomnia, anxiety

Flavors: earthy, spicy/herbal, flowery

Sour Diesel

Average THC Content: 15-20%


Common effects: euphoric, happy, uplifted

Helps with: stress, depression, fatigue, pain

Flavors: diesel, lemon, citrus

Gorilla Glue (GG4)

Average THC Content 15-25%


Common effects: relaxed, happy, euphoric

Helps with: stress, pain, insomnia, depression

Flavors: earthy, pine, wood

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