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Our Philosophy

At The Prime Leaf, we believe in a holistic approach to healing, highlighted by outstanding medicinal products, personalized care, educational resources and community engagement. As a team of trained advocates, we’re proud to empower your wellness, and encourage open, transparent conversations about cannabis, both in our dispensaries and our community. 


We offer Tucson’s widest selection of products from Arizona’s highest quality brands. You’ll find it’s easy to tailor your choices to your needs and your budget.


Our helpful Patient Consultants are here to listen, assist in selecting the best products and provide the education you need to use them effectively.


We strive to advocate for our patients and our industry. We do so by raising awareness, sharing knowledge, providing resources and offering bridges to our community.

Featured brands

We offer the widest selection of brands and products in Tucson!


Our Prime Community

The Prime Leaf values healthy community roots. We understand the importance of supporting local and giving back. Here are some ways we’re investing in our shared community.


Our Handpicked Collection

We’ve curated an expansive product selection of Arizona’s highest quality brands. At Prime, you have choices, no matter what category or price point fits you best.